Busbar Trunking system

Accrescent is part of a comprehensive offer of products that are perfectly coordinated to meet all medium and low voltage electrical distribution requirements. Accrescent can be used as an alternative to traditional cable, bus bars are becoming increasingly common in today’s building market. By using our Accrescent bus bar trunking system, you will reap the benefits of faster installation times, as well as a system that can be upgraded and reused as the building use changes over time. The depth of the range and its easy installation make Accrescent ideally suited for all types of building.

Faster installation times, as well as an upgradable system. Loads can be easily added, moved or replaced. The installation can be designed independently to the distribution of power and the positioning of loads Production line layouts can be easily changed.

Accrescent guarantees and enhances the safety of people and equipment. All energized parts are entirely protected: IPxxD Accrescent is environment-friendly and reduces the risk of fire because it contains no halogens or PVCs. Interlocking devices prevent on-load connection of tap-off units. Connections made completely safe via poka-yoke devices and interlocking Accrescent provides installation continuity of service, upgradeability and simplicity. Reliability of Accrescent system is ensured thanks to prefabrication and factory tests Accrescent system units are designed with Schneider Electric equipment Busbar and tap-offs are fully type tested (Compliance with IEC61439-6) 100% of live elements are routine tested before release from the factory The declared performances are irrespective of the implementation.