Integrated Building Management Systems

HVAC and Integrated Building Management Controls

HVAC Controls are key components that connect and control building automation systems and their response to the physical environment. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning can represent over 40% of energy consumption in many buildings and facilities. Improved control and management of ventilation, temperature and system usage will reduce energy consumption and sustain it at the optimal level. From simple stand-alone control products up to global building management systems, applying HVAC solutions can save up to 30% on energy consumption. Accrescent Engineers offering includes a comprehensive range of innovative products that are designed to give customers exactly what they need: performance, simplicity, flexibility and reliability. Smart valves, actuators, sensors, thermostats and variable speed drives combine to reduce and optimize energy usage. Accrescent Engineers helped design and install intelligent building management and security systems that deliver solutions for HVAC, access control, video surveillance, lighting control and energy efficiency. We can deliver results that create a comfortable, economical and secure environment in banks, data centers, commercial office buildings, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping centers, factories, government buildings and just about any other industry you can think of.


We also provide software and Hardware solution for Data Center management and integration. Software that dramatically simplifies the process of managing data centers for high availability and efficiency. Delivers the right information to the right users in real time. Saves money with measurable energy savings via practical and easily integrated software solutions. This new offering empowers the data center manager with access to all of the data and tools they need to operate data centers that are more reliable, efficient, productive, safe and green.